RAGE against the KARAOKE

It’s nearly Christmas and it’s the time to be joyful and gathered near the television set. Everyone is excited about what presents they’ll be sending and receiving whilst other people want to know what’s coming on TV and who is going to be on Top of the UK Charts for the Christmas Number 1.

 In recent years, since X Factor has begun, we have seen the Christmas Number 1 single taken by an X Factor contestant such as last year’s winner Alexandra Burke with ‘Hallelujah’. This has caused tension between the public and Simon Cowell because of the success of X Factor related artists getting the Christmas Number 1 rather than a talented artist who has written the song and sung it. A campaign on Facebook has been made, titled ‘RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE FOR CHRISTMAS NO.1’. This is to challenge the final song choice for this year’s X Factor winner. People are fed up of having karaoke versions of songs being sung by these finalists on the show to bring them success for themselves as well as their record companies.

 The involvement of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, has allowed the public to voice their concerns about a particular issue. It is no longer a one way communication where we are feeding information given to use to act on. We are now discussing and involving ourselves with the surroundings and making conversations by joining these groups on social networking sites. Before campaigns were there to be watched and heard, now people are getting drawn into joining groups and societies on these social media’s. This group has been set up to boycott buying the X Factor single and to buy the 1993 single ‘Killing In The Name’ on 13th December so that it is recorded in the charts the following Sunday.

 Angry musicians are fed up of these talented people on these reality entertainment shows where talent of a musician is lost as they are not producing their own material and it’s a previous hit they are singing. A lot of people have been posting their views on this group and feelings and frustration are being shown within these discussions. To all of us that are fed up of X Factor winners getting the Christmas Number 1 to spoil the festive season, please buy Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name from 13th December. Let’s show Simon Cowell, we can all bring him down!


6 thoughts on “RAGE against the KARAOKE

  1. Toby Hone says:

    I see where this entry is coming from; it does get repetitive seeing the X-factor winner topping the Christmas Chart every year. However, surely the blame does not lie with Simon Cowell. Instead the blame is with us the public; we are the ones who purchase the singles to get them there.

    The group of people who are joining the ‘Rage Against the Machine for Xmas No1’ on social network sites are in their minority otherwise it would be Number one wouldn’t it. Only time will tell if they succeed and out-sell Joe McElderry’s winners single. However, in my point of view, after seeing the ‘Get Journey to No1’ campaign last year, it doesn’t stand a chance.

    X-Factor is more than just a television show now, it is a franchise. Reports recently have indicated that Simon Cowell is in talks to take it over to the US and less wealthy countries like North Korea and even Afghanistan (which I would love to see). Here is a link to the story: http://www.californiachronicle.com/articles/yb/138843315.

    On top of all the money it makes from being shown on ITV, it also releases endless amounts of merchandise aimed at all ages. There are mugs, T-shirts, key rings, kids’ toys (not to miss out on any age group) and a vast amount of other clothing and accessories. Here is a link if you want a Cheryl Cole t-shirt: http://www.themerchandisingshop.co.uk/shop/xfactor3/product_list.php?catid=724.

    I am sure that there are many talented musicians out there that despise the X-factor and the extra competition it gives them. However, most weekends the X-Factor has special guest appearances from musicians promoting new singles/music they are releasing. These aren’t small artists either, this year to name only a few Whitney Houston, the Black Eyed Peas and Alicia Keys have all been on the show promoting their music, whilst this weekend’s final saw Robbie Williams and Paul McCartney perform. I am sure the majority of artists see the X-factor as a great opportunity to perform their music in front of millions of viewers instead of being angry as it offers stiffer competition.

    Last night’s final peaked at 19.1 million viewers, which is absolutely huge. If you consider the X-Factor averages around 13 million viewers a week as viewers build a relationship with the competitors trying to win the competition over six months and when you take into account the last non X-Factor number one hit ‘Mad World’ by Tears for Fears in 2003 only selling half a million copies, I can only really see one outcome.

  2. krazykish14 says:

    Toby, I do agree with all your points but I still think these contestants are karaoke singers. They are not writing the songs, they are just singing them. Your points are valid with the merchandise that they sell but at the end of the day, where do the real talented singers go to? Some of them get turned down as they don’t have the ‘X Factor’, which I can’t seem to characterise. Young people look up to these contestants thinking they can sing just like them. Where’s the art of the music artist gone? Surely, Whitney Housten, Alicia Keys and co were trained when they were young, looking for a career they were passionate about.

  3. George says:

    This definetly hits the nail on the head. The only reason these big co-oporations put these “remakes” out for Christmas is just so they can capitalize on the hype of the new winner of X factor. If an artist is going to have longeivety in their career wouldnt it be better for them to start with a song thats actually their’s? i feel that churning out these popstars is bad enough as only half of them make it past the 2 year mark like will young, leonna lewis and Alexandra burke . Lets hope these groups actually have an impact.

  4. brittsbodaciousblog says:

    I agree with your perspective on this topic, I think it is great to stand up for true artists. But if these karaoke songs are indeed taking over it is obviously because that is what the public wants, it is the public which creates this success with their approval. Even though you say there are people against it, the majority must be for it. However, I think it is great to see that you are passionate about this and would like to turn it around and see some hard working artists to prove themselves using their own music. I enjoyed reading your perspective on the matter and to witness your passion.

  5. Anisa Ahmed says:

    Oooh everyone loves a bit of kareoke, when they are chilling around at home with a couple of mates, definately would not expect it to be on singing contest! I do agree with your views and they are exactly right, it is getting pretty ridiculous that as you said “the art of the music” it has died, and it is a shame. I’ve always said that music artists now had a passion and they were driven to producing music that would be legendary. As for Joe “The Climb” – a teen (Miley Cyrus) originally sang this song, it’s annoying how they just copied that for Joe to sing as the Christmas number one. It drives me crazy. As Nas once said HIP HOP IS DEAD!

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