Over 40 and gone…

In Hollywood it is appearing that many actresses are free to enjoy the new experience of motherhood rather than acting in a blockbuster movie. It looks to be that women are earning big bucks whilst pregnant then not being actresses. In many cases, women who have taken out time to focus their priorities to their families have lost places, starring in movies from leading role to cameo appearances. Some would say having a child or starting a family is the greatest achievement or feeling to be known for human beings. So I guess women would find it difficult to accept and decline offers within a demanding Hollywood.

Halle Berry, nearly forty-five, has a 2 year old daughter. At first when the rumours started coming out that she was pregnant, everyone wanted to get a glimpse of her figure as she is one of the most successful Black female actresses in the industry. Whilst, being busy with her daughter, she kindly declined film roles as she needed a break from starring in some of the major blockbuster movies in her time. She is not the only one to do this within the industry. Another well known and high paid actress is Julia Roberts, the Pretty Women star had twins in 2004 and since then she had made cameo appearances in films. She is settling with the family, spending some bonding time to not receive any bad publicity. Although, she has been quiet for some time and haven’t heard anything major about her being upset or distressed. She has always kept her private matters separate to the public as it would mean her career as an actress going down the drain.

Not only has this happened to recent actresses but it has been going on since the high days of 1930’s, when actresses over the age of 40 would receive lesser roles compared to the younger females coming through to the industry. Young female actresses are competing with the likes of these legendary stars as they are free to accept any roles to have a career. Younger stars are more likely to not start a family so producers are always on the lookout for them. Take an example of Megan Fox, she has starred in the mega-blockbuster Transformers movies and she is only 24 years old. Some critiques would say that this is the starting age for an actress to peak and the fall would be at the age of 40. It is not a lengthy career for actresses compared to the actors such as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks and John Travolta, who are equally astonishing in their acting abilities and still starring in movies. Men seem to get leading roles at any ages and it naive of the Hollywood film industry to cut out the actresses after reaching forty, which lead to starring in roles as a family or a working mother.

These roles can define some women to their personal life to their on screen persona. Pregnancy can change many actresses acting careers either by getting them new film roles to attract the family audience or going back to the roles they used to play to increase their celebrity status.


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