Thank You All!!!!

I (@Krazykish14) could not write this on Twitter so I choose to write this….

On Friday night I (@Krazykish14) was thinking, what can I use Twitter for, like in a challenging way. I thought ‘why not get more followers’, ‘start a game’ or get something trending. Then light bulb, I thought let’s get something funny RT’d! So as usual with my banter with @VeeksP, I keep on annoying him about when is he going India? Everyone knows when someone is going India, they are either looking to get married or getting married! It had got to a point when the banter was about ‘when are you going to find a wife from India and when is the big wedding day’.

Instantly, @VeeksP agreed to set me a challenge to get a tweet RT’d over a 100 times and he would  go to India and search for his future wife. This is all for a jokes only because I was bored and wanted to experiment with Twitter.

This is the tweet I came up to support the cause (obviously it’s for jokes) “If you could RT this, it helps to send @VeeksP to India and find a wife. #India #WifeyNeeds #Housewife #JokeTing #Over100RT”.

I was on my mission to get over 100 RT’s, tweeting everyone on my following and followers list. This is an opportunity to say Thank You for You, yes You, the tweepers who supported the cause and played their part in the fun.

Here are the people who RT’d the tweet…

So the amount of RT’s I got was 33 but the total amount of RT’s is 39 as @Rahul_360 RT’d 6 of them! Overall, I am chuffed at the amount of support you gave and I cannot stop laughing at @offlicencemusic’s tweet “@Krazykish14 lol smashed it, let’s get him to India first class”.

I now know who are the fun tweepers to follow and who would be up for a laugh by RT’ing my tweets in the future when I need support! Once again, thanks for making the weekend a memorable and epic one!


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