Blog direction in 2012

2011 saw my blog get a lot of views and I started writing more blog posts on a weekly basis. It has been a journey that has allowed me to write what I think from the research I conduct for you to read.  I want to keep on blogging but I am still trying to figure which direction I should go with it.

So here I am explaining where and what direction my blog should go this year. In the last few years, I have tried to aim my blog more around the media industry as I studied Media Studies at a degree level.  I have been blogging more about social media tools for which businesses can use to increase their social media status and I will continue to research more about it. I have had great feedback on the social media blog posts and some businesses have agreed that it has increased their popularity with the number of visitors and connections.

I will continue to write about the media industry including advertising, public relations, internet as well as radio and television. I believe it is a subject I cannot keep my fingers away from as I would like a career within the media industry. Even so, my love football keeps on growing especially supporting Manchester United for many years. But I do love the game and regularly watch games on TV and keep an eye out for spectacular games. When there is an issue surrounding the footballing world, I hope to give an opinion on the matter and let you folks agree and disagree with the points I put across.

One area of interest I would like to write up about is Diabetes. I have known a lot about the health condition as my mother has it and I have been to the last few appointments with her. I am aware that some people may find it wrong for me to write about as I am not a qualified Doctor nor have I had firsthand experience about people who live from the health condition. I aim to make more UK Asians aware of the health condition and offer them information with latest news surrounding the condition.

Overall, I aim to make my blog be viewed as many times as before and reach out to different people. I may write some odd blog posts but that is just me! I want to use my research techniques to conduct more blog posts for you all to read. I hope you enjoy my blog and if you want me to write about anything else, please feel free to write to me.


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