8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Instagram

New apps pop up all the time, but Instagram remains a must-have in a brand’s social media strategy. Some companies know how to make the most of the photo-sharing app. The chance to edit photos and adding filters to make your photo’s stand out from the rest makes it worthwhile to stand out from the rest when sharing on other platforms.

The photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr which makes it easier to share. Also by adding the feature of Instagram video, that allows users to post up to 15 seconds videos, this has the edge over Twitter’s Vine app. So sharing videos can be easy and short.

Whether you have 10 followers or 1,500, here are some tips for boosting your brand’s visibility and improving the quality of your posts.

1. Be consistent with your posts

Do not go more than a few days between posts, you might be forgotten about if you do. Once you get into a routine, it is easy to add photos more frequently.

2. Get noticed by being nice

Not everyone comes with a built in fan base. Search for hashtags that are in line with your business. Potential fans will be stoked you are checking them out and might follow you. Compliment users for their imagination and creativity of posts. You never know the relationships that will develop. The important thing is to be genuine and not desperate.

3. Edit outside of Instagram

Instagram offers an abundance of filters but sometimes they are a tad too much. Simple is best when it comes to editing. A few editing apps to try, Instagram forces you to crop your photos into a square, Instasize lets you use the entire photo. Over lets you add clean type to a photo and stock artwork photo. Additional fonts and artwork can be purchased. Pic Stitch makes photo collages. Use four photos in collages, otherwise the photos will be too tiny for your followers to see what is going on.

4. Go outside

Whether your business is based in the capital or town, there are places to visit and interesting and beautiful sites. Show it off, this goes for your workspace, pets, co-workers, etc. This will add variety to your feed and your followers will get to know you better.

5. Get chatty with your customers

Do you have a tangible product? Create a hashtag for your customers and repost their photos. Host content, respond to comments.

6. Be smart about hashtags

Keep hashtags in your caption relevant and to a minimum. Create a second comment on your own photo with several applicable hashtags. It is helpful to keep this list handy on your phone somewhere.

7. Fill out your profile

It may seem like a no-brainer but your profile is important. Keep it short and sweet. Make sure you include your website. This is the only place with a clickable link.

8. Track stats

Use a site like Statigram to track your statistics, view your own feed and search for photos from the comfort of your computer. Examine the analysis to figure out when your followers are most active and which of your posts are performing the best.


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