8 Ways to Use Hyperlapse Video from Instagram

Do you use Instagram for business? Is there something in videos for you to show to your followers?

Is there a place for time-lapse video in your marketing? It used to be that you needed expensive equipment to create the time-lapse videos. Now you can create them with Instagram’s Hyperlapse app which is only available on the iOS in the Apple App Store.

In this article, you will find out how businesses are using Hyperlapse video to engage Instagram followers with short-form video.

Why Hyperlapse?

As a medium for condensing long experiences into brief episode, time-lapse video is a perfect way to deliver your message to social media users with fleeting attention spans.

1. Show visitors what to expect

One of the best ways to entice people to visit your community or venue is to give them an idea of what they will experience with you. Show the access to your resort, hotel or event. This tactic works particularly well for the travel industry bust even restaurants and attractions can find value in this type of video.

There are many other applications for a destination Hyperlapse, for instance, if you run a conference, create a video showing attendees how to get to your conference from major hotels in the area.

2. Buzz for new products

Do you have a lot of customers asking when new products will be released? Unwrap any new product in a Hyperlapse video to get it in front of your followers’ eyes before it hits the shelves. A quick sneak peak video will have followers eager to have that product.

3. The experience

Giving your customers a customised perspective lets them experience your product more fully, even if the product is not tangible. Point of view can make a difference in how your audience responds to your video, so be sure to put your viewer in the driving seat of how to use your product or service.

4. Red carpet treatment

Part of building stronger relationships with your fans and customers is making them feel like following you gives them special access to you.

Fashion magazines use Hyperlapse to give Instagram followers a view of their offices and a glimpse of the people who work there. Any business, regardless of its size, can take advantage of this same tactic. Open your offices or a back room to give everyone a quick, behind-the-scenes view of your more private areas of processes.

5. A tour

The best way to enjoy something is often in person but not everyone who wants to walk through your doors is going to be able to make it happen. Showcase unique places and features that make your community or venue a popular destination with short tours that share your treasures with the masses.

6. Excitement around events

If you have ever promoted an event, you know it is not just about getting the word out, it is about getting people excited. If you are hosting an event, give your audience a front-row seat. Showing people how much others enjoy your show is a form of social proof.

7. Product or service features

One way to avoid disappointing customers is to do your best to be up-front about what you offer.

If you create short instructional videos to help customers understand a process, be sure to provide them with an estimate of the normal amount of time the process takes.

8. Telling a story

Stories are the best way to draw an audience in and to avoid a hard sell. Subtle promotion often has strong results. Create a Hyperlapse story around how people use your products in daily life. Make your product part of the story but perhaps not the main focus of the story.

Your own Hyperlapse video

You do not have to be a major brand to create a great video with Hyperlapse but you can learn something from the brands above that are leading way. Take some time to think about questions you most often get from customers. Whether they are about your company or products, use Hyperlapse video to answer those questions on Instagram.


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