8 Social Media Sins That Could Get You Unfollowed

Each day social media is being used more than any other internet activity including email. Social media is not going anywhere and businesses, small and large, are now recognising their online presence is an essential part of their marketing strategy. Small to medium sized businesses now use social media to drive growth for their business and they have gained new customers through social media marketing.

There is no denying social media is an excellent tool to interact and connect with customers and clients, but simply posting something on social media for the sake of being active online is not enough. If you are not careful, your constant retweets and oversharing can quickly get you an “unfollow.”

Here are 8 habits to eradicate from your social media marketing strategy:


This is one of the worst social media pet peeves. Social media is a two way conversation and no one wants to talk to a salesman. Posting only when you have something to promote is a quick way to get your company unfriended or unfollowed.

Instead, interspersing sales pitches with photos of your company party, quotes, blog posts, links to articles with content that provides value to your followers rather than constant promotional sales posts.


Posting the same type of messages multiple times a day is a sure way to alienate your audience. Posting relevant content once or twice a day. No one wants to see a dozen photos a day of products they followed on Twitter but may be interested in what the products does.


Sharing information from other sites can be an annoyance to your followers. Avoid sharing articles from aggregate news, sites such as BuzzFeed as these do not show any originality to your business and are share too many times online by individuals.

Lack of original content

Retweeting other people’s messages or posting articles from other sites does not tell the consumer what your company is about and shows a lack of originality. Once every two days is a good time to retweet or share content that is not yours. Focus on creating original content, such as a blog post on your website or portfolio item you can share with followers.

Not having a strategy

Create a calendar of posts you want to share in advance, leaving room for some last minute additions. The best way to create a strategy is to look at who your customers are and find out what their needs and wants are related to your business. Asking followers to tell their type of content they would like to see on the company’s social media channels. When creating your social media strategy, think about how the information you share is going to help your customers be loyal to your business.

Unrelated tagging

This is just bad social etiquette. You should not be tagging people in photos or in posts that are not associated with them. While tagging people in a picture or a post may help you to increase the post’s visibility, it is a fast way to annoy people and will quickly get you an “unfollow.”

Disengaged with followers

If you are looking to get your customers to continue to follow you, you need to pay attention to what they are doing. Since the whole idea of social media is to engage with customers. Following people when they follow you, like their photos, ask questions and always respond when they reach out to you.

Reposting too much

Sending the same link 10 times a day may increase your click through rate but it can also annoy followers who see your reposts as digital clutter. People want to see activity when they scroll through your feeds and your comments. But if the activity is all the same message, they are going to see you as annoying.


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