The Presence of Beauty Bloggers on Social Media

The image of beauty is around us in every shape or form which brings in huge business for brands and companies. The notion of beauty for women has always been a thought process of looking good at all times and which products are best suited for their looks or a particular style to recreate. I am no expert in what beauty products are out there, however, it has got me wondering how female beauty bloggers have gone so popular on social media and why it is continuing to grow.

The UK beauty industry is very popular, employing more than a million people and a worth of £17 billion which is forecasted to grow by 16% by 2016. Plus, the retail sales in the UK beauty market grew by 15.5% from £6.1 billion in 2008 to an estimated £7.1 billion in 2013. These figures are astounding for the industry and there are continued signs to show it will grow and looks to compete with the fashion industry that is worth around £26 billion to the British economy. So you can tell the investment from the big brands such as Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal, EsteeLauder and many others are still thriving in a competitive market to get a great return on investment.

That’s the financial side over and done with. We know these brands have always been there to sell their products and services to reach as many audiences in their target markets. By using traditional media like magazines, newspapers, television and billboards, these companies have benefited from the mass exposure to their products in order to achieve revenues. Although, the internet has made a great impact into shopping online from a B2C perspective of targeting consumers across multiple channels based on which demographics as most likely to access them. Now, here is where social media is playing a huge part into the beauty industry.

Branded content is increasingly part of consumers’ shopping process and are likely to go on the brands websites for information prior to making a purchase. The B2C marketers have found success with blogs written specifically to appeal to consumers who may be interested in unique products. This is where the beauty bloggers come into action and I will show some examples below of popular social media profiles, what content is produced as well as using social media platforms to interact and engage. So what do female beauty bloggers do? The ones that I am focusing on are bloggers who produce content based on products that are makeup, hair, cosmetics, body, skin care, fragrances and hygiene.

What content is created for beauty bloggers?

– Product Reviews (video or text)
– How-to/ Tutorials (step by step guides or done by video)
– Exclusive products (images of sneak peeks and latest products)
– Social proof (evidence of what they do and consumer referrals/testimonials)
– Top Ten products of the month
– Latest looks
– Announcements GRWM (Get Ready With Me)
– Giveaways

Here are examples of beauty bloggers who are successful in want they do and go check out their profiles on social media by clicking below and follow.

Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte is a celebrity make-up artist who has worked with the likes of Tom ford, Stella MCartney, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Ellie Goulding. She has a vast experience of 20 years in the industry and has a very strong portfolio to showcase her work.

Facebook: Charlotte Tilbury     115,718 Likes
Twitter: CTiburyMakeup     73,380 followers
Instagram: ctilburymakeup     417K followers
Pinterest: CTilburyMakeup     9,648 followers
YouTube: Charlotte Tilbury     200,750 subscribers

CT Instagram CT pinter






Fleur De Force

Fluer is one of the most successful beauty and fashion vloggers in the UK. She started from making videos on YouTube and has built a global audience.

Facebook: Fleur De Force     113,317 Likes
Twitter: FluerDeForce     265,553 followers
Instagram: fluerdeforce     537k followers
YouTube: Fluer DeForce     1,263,402 subscribers

fluer de force fb Fluer de force









Kaushal Beauty

Kaushal shares a lot of tutorial videos to get the glam look and features in the GRWM videos for her viewers to see. What makes her ability to stand out from the rest of UK bloggers is that she creates videos with themes about being Indian as it can be difficult to get the best look with certain products not being the correct skin tone.

Facebook: Kaushal Beauty     23,604 Likes
Twitter: Kaush_M     12,330 followers
Instagram:  kaush_m     159k followers
YouTube: Kaushal Beauty     551,300 subscribers

kaush insta kaush youtube









Zoe started by reading other beauty blogs and drew inspiration from them and created her very own. Since then she has grown in millions of followers and has varied content of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and controversial subjects.

Facebook: Zoella      2,168,259 Likes
Twitter: ZozeeBo     3,255,497 followers
Instagram: zozeebo     4.5m followers
YouTube: Zoella     8,082,142 subscribers

zoe fb zoe twitt








Lily Pebbles

A background in marketing, advertising and PR was a great start to get involved with beauty blogging. Now you can see updates about beauty reviews, styles tips, videos and other lifestyle hacks.

Facebook: Lily Pebbles     36,962 Likes
Twitter:  Lilypebbles     84,958 followers
Instagram: lilypebbles     210k followers
YouTube: Lily Pebbles     282,285 subscribers

lily insta lily ut









You can tell that the brands are happy to see products being put in the limelight in a positive way on social media. Obviously, there will be people giving their opinions on what products are not good but every person is different and the variety of beauty bloggers out there are making it a very competitive industry to be in as well as a niche one too. They are expanding into other ventures and themes which gives it an added bonus to target a wider audience. For example, you are seeing beauty bloggers write about travelling, life hacks, technology, bridal, fashion etc. This only encourages the engagement and exposure to the person who has thousands, hundred-thousand’s and millions of followers, subscribers and likes on their social media profiles and that is another factor contributing to brands working with these bloggers.

It is noted that once you know what your audience and followers are looking for, you can create content specified by them without paying for market research. There is no right or wrong to creating content, usually being original with your own opinion is the way you should start. Plus, you will gain confidence as you go on and write about other interesting topics throughout your daily life as seen with the examples above. There is no excuse to say you do not have the equipment available at your disposal as a smartphone is all your need to take photos and videos. There is no need to put in a lot in money for cameras or editing software as YouTube already has the editing software for videos and you can juxtapose your images to be simple.

As a Social Media Assistant, I have come across social media profiles where the bio’s and contact details are not complete and that leaves followers with a lack of information to get to you. Make sure your all your details are there like Name, website link, a short About Me and links to other social media profiles. From then on, post regularly and be active when it comes to responding to feedback, ideas and messages. Make sure you have fun and no idea is a bad one if you are stuck for new content. So learn from the examples and start your own.


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