Boost Your Customer Referrals on Social Media

Do you want more refferrals? Have you asked your social media connections for help?

Asking satisfied customers to share your message and provide social proof is an easy way to increase your social media refferals.

Here are ways to get more customer referrals on social media.

Identify the right networks

Targeting is important in every area of marketing. Every company has a different target audience so it makes sense to adapt your tactics and target your specific prospects on the social platform they visit most.

Not every social network’s audience is the same, research which platform works best for your business. Facebook works for attracting individual consumers, LinkedIn is often for B2B products or services.

Test and try a few social platforms to see which one is most successful for you. Come up with a plan that encompasses all of your various audiences and segments and then create different referral programs for each. When you find what works, ask customers to share on that channel.

Getting social proof

Any referrals coming from a trusted resource are persuasive because it is social proof that your friend believes something is worth noting.

Think about it, if a friend tells you about a new store she went to, there is a chance you would go to it to see for yourself. When a recommendation comes to you directly from a friend, that social proof has a heavy influence on your behaviour.

That influence does not change online. Active social media users are already sharing on a regular basis and their friends, family and followers see those shares and take them into consideration.

When an invite to check out a page or business online comes from a trusted resource, the potential new customer is significantly more likely to check it out and continue on to the next step in the purchase process.

Offering incentive

If you can entice your customers to share your product or service with their network, you can use the power of social proof to grow your business. To encourage users to provide social proof, offer them an incentive.

Everyone loves a good promotion and there are so many ways to offer them. You can offer a discount on the next purchase or give a free gift with purchase. The cost of offering an incentive is minimal if it means gaining a new customers. If you deliver customer satisfaction, you end up with more happy customers who may also share their experience with their social network and refer even more customers to you.

Customised messages

When you ask your customers to share, make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Have a pre-made message ready to go so they do not have to spend time coming up with their own.

When creating these pre-populated messages, avoid being generic. Would you click through and support a company with a message like “This is our product, it is good, please buy it”? Avoid the boring and go for the creative.

Promote exclusivity

Before Pinterest was invitation only. You could not sign up for an account, you had to redeem a referral code from a friend. Requiring a friend invite to order to join something does two things. First, it encourages users to share your site. Second, it creates exclusivity which people love.


It is important to be subtle when asking for customer referrals. Your customers are more likely to share if you do not come off as intrusive. Offer high quality incentives to get the ball rolling. Constant testing and optimisation makes your social referral plan successful. You can test where you ask customers to share, which networks are most successful, the incentives that you offer and any other factors involved to ensure that you are getting the most benefits from your efforts.


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