Legoland Windsor for Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day and as a family we decided to visit the land of Lego to celebrate and mark the occasion. We were already visiting London to see family and it was ideal to our plans especially with my two year old nephew, who would love the activities and fun resort.

Luckily, the weather was sunny with clouds as this always seems to be the concern when going to theme parks or other resorts before planning or booking to go. So it was an amazing time to visit my childhood of playing with Lego bricks and seeing so many pieces of Lego sculptures, buildings and enactments in action. We arrived at Legoland Windsor around 12.30pm and it was busy with plenty of cars parked in the car park. So we knew there may be long queues for rides and expecting waiting time. However, with the recent incident at Alton Towers, safety measures were set with age, height and weight restrictions. Unfortunately, my nephew was just 5cms short from 0.9cm height restriction for going on some rides although, he was able to enjoy the play area Brickville and Duplo Train in Duplo Valley.

For us adults, we had a lot of walking around to do with the different sections to explore at Legoland. As usual, we went around clock wise with the first area being Miniland, Duplo Valley, Lego City, etc. We had a fun packed day and I did take my camera and took as many photos as I could.


 Being a tourist and getting a snap with a Lego tourist.






The views of Windsor Castle, Heathrow Airport and the London skyline which can be seen very faintly with the Shard.


There were a lot of buildings and famous landmarks created in Lego form and it must have taken a lot of skill, hard work and dedication to get everything so accurate. You could see the tug of war and boats moving.

Here are some of London’s landmarks. The underground tube, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, Canary Wharf, the Gherkin, Mayor’s Office and London Eye.


The old Wembley stadium with the two towers! Looks like it’s Arsenal v Hull City.

Angel of North, Newcastle.

Power station and the port.

Silverstone British Grand Prix

Time for take off, NASA!


Construction, people at work!


Obviously, I wanted something to eat and this Mexican Cantina place was just the spot with the burrito meal of BBQ chicken with nacho chips and dips of salsa and sour cream with a drink. Yum!

It seems like Egypt has been following me every where I go since I went back in March!

The submarine at Atlantis in Adventure Land with the fishes! I find Nemo once again! Oh look, there’s Dory!

All in all, we had a fun day out as a family. I did go on some of the rides such as Vikings’ River Splash, Coastguard HQ and SQUID Surfer to name a few. I would recommend to visit Legoland Windsor if you have not yet had the chance to. You could also benefit from the coupons on the side of Kellogg’s breakfast packs and take advantage of the two for the price of one. I would love to visit Legoland again when they have more sculptures and new rides.


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