Social Media List of English Premier League Clubs 2015/16

The Barclay’s Premier League returns on the 8th of August and to be prepared for the upcoming football season, there is no better way to keep updated on your smartphone, tablet or computer. In the next five days, there will be a lot of attention and focus around the start of the new season with the league being so competitive and popular around the world.

Social media is playing a vital part in how fans and audiences around the world are participating in the online football community where conversations, discussions and banter is taking place and often trending. The 20 football clubs have stepped up their online presence and by joining Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ amongst the most noticeable platforms to be on. It remains to see if these clubs will be expanding to Periscope, Meerkat and Snapchat in the future. As the online community expands and develops, there is a chance to live broadcast on Periscope and Meerkat although, it would depend on how much they can market themselves with copyright issues with the Premier League which would not be too much of a problem if there are more people consuming on this medium.

The English Premier League has their own Twitter account @premierleague which has currently got 9,036,128 followers up by 74.4% from the blog post I wrote last year which you can read here. The Facebook Premier League page has 30,931,942 likes and 1,383,562 followers on Instagram. You can see by the number of likes and followers suggest they have a strong online community and to keep these fans engaged and involved. Here is what they have on their timelines, wall and profiles:

– Fantasy Premier League (updates, scores, points and team of the week) #FantasyPL #FPL
– Photos (goal scorers, teams, key moments during games, player of the month, manager of the month)
– Videos
– New signings announcements when the transfer window is open
– Current players signing new contracts at the club
– Trivia questions for competitions
– Game information (referee’s in charge of game, cancellations, fixture changes, ticket information, man of the match and more)
– Team statistics before and after games
– Interviews with players, coaches and managers as well as ambassadors of the game
– Activities they are involved outside of football including grassroots level and local and global communities
– Birthday wishes of former players who have played in the league
– Key dates of previous moments in the Premier League #OnThisDay
– Questions and answers session

Here are the official accounts of the teams and number of followers and likes they have currently (03/08/15, 13:00):


Facebook: Arsenal – 33,187,887
Twitter: Arsenal – 6,122,190 (46.2% increase)
Instagram: arsenal – 3,166,061

Aston Villa

Facebook: AVFCOfficial – 2,117,739
Twitter: AVFCOfficial – 474,012 (60.9% increase)
Instagram: avfcofficial – 57,316

Bournemouth (promoted club)

Facebook: afcbournemouth – 117,970
Twitter: afcbournemouth – 70,558
Instagram: officialafcb – 14,886


Facebook: ChelseaFC – 43,125,485
Twitter: ChelseaFC – 5,905,196 (42.8% increase)
Instagram: chelseafc – 3,306,147

Crystal Palace

Facebook: officialcpfc – 615,857
Twitter: CPFC – 224,962 (91.6% increase)
Instagram: official_cpfc – 39,892


Facebook: Everton – 2,116,986
Twitter: Everton – 594,127 (47.5% increase)
Instagram: everton – 149,161

Leicester City

Facebook: lcfcofficial – 471,295
Twitter: LCFC – 190,971 (166.03% increase)
Instagram: officialfoxes – 48,125


Facebook: LiverpoolFC – 25,889,086
Twitter: LFC – 4,625,345 (56.2% increase)
Instagram: liverpoolfc – 1,657,642

Manchester City

Facebook: mcfcofficial – 19,376,061
Twitter: MCFC – 2,588,113 (36.4% increase)
Instagram: mcfcofficial – 1,213,337

Manchester United

Facebook: manchesterunited – 65,720,488
Twitter: ManUtd – 5,706,715 (96% increase)
Instagram: manchesterunited – 5,163,200

Newcastle United

Facebook: newcastleunited – 1,680,350
Twitter: NUFC – 594,435 (47% increase)
Instagram: N/A

Norwich City (promoted club)

Facebook: NorwichCityFootballClub – 556,237
Twitter: NorwichCityFC – 254,360
Instagram: norwichcityfc – 19,173


Facebook: southamptonfc – 1,136,842
Twitter: SouthamptonFC – 400,785 (63.5% increase)
Instagram: southamptonfc – 102,156

Stoke City

Facebook: stokecity – 539,859
Twitter: stokecity – 334,153 (58.8% increase)
Instagram: stokecity – 34,737


Facebook: sunderlandafc – 1,011,755
Twitter: SunderlandAFC – 363,580 (45.7% increase)
Instagram: sunderlandafcofficial – 41,028

Swansea City

Facebook: SwanseaCityFC – 935,427
Twitter: SwansOfficial – 375,875 (53.7% increase)
Instagram: swansofficial

Tottenham Hotspur

Facebook: TottenhamHotspur – 6,774,003
Twitter: SpursOfficial – 1,159,107 (32.7% increase)
Instagram: spursofficial – 316,839

Watford (promoted club)

Facebook: watfordfc – 128,390
Twitter: WatfordFC – 79,002
Instagram: watfordfcofficial – 22,536

West Bromwich Albion

Facebook: westbromwichalbionofficial – 509,289
Twitter: WBAFCofficial – 279,949 (86.4% increase)
Instagram: officialalbion – 22,252

West Ham United

Facebook: westhamunitedofficial – 1,138,433
Twitter: whufc_official – 468,132 (50% increase)
Instagram: whufc_official – 54,998

Each club posts similar information as the Premier League. However, it gives fans the opportunity to get in contact with their football club. Social media is quicker to receive information as it is open for all to see. Throughout the season, there is plenty of action and reaction at all times and with the Vines and videos that are shared across all platforms, you can see what happens in training, spectacular goals scored, naughty tackles and third eyes. So footballers and managers be aware of what you do and post online. Last season, there were a few players who get a slap on the wrist by the FA for comments published online and it looks increasingly likely that the Premier League and FA are trying to take control and set guidelines to adhere to.

Just like some of the fans, let’s hope there will be plenty of action and meme’s to create. Let the Premier League season commerce!


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