Humanise Your Brand on Social Media

Do you want to build stronger relationships on social media? Do you know where to start?

Engaging with your social audience on a meaningful level, helps humanise your brand.

In this blog post, you will find ways to make your brand more human on social media.

Sharing a sense of humour

Humour is an easy and effective way to connect with your audience on social media. The three factors to keep in mind when using humour are fun, information and control. You also want to make sure that your humour does not hurt other people.

Everyday lingo

Many people join social media because they want to be entertained. They do not want to listen to business-speak and industry jargon while browsing their Facebook news feed.

Speak to your customers in the same way you would speak to friends. Obviously, do not be controversial or cross the line and be offensive.

Online and in-store experiences

Businesses often struggle with how best to merge their online and offline activities. One approach is to create an offline experience that is as close as possible to the online experience. Identity your most popular items with social followers and then highlight those products in the physical store. This way, customers in their physical store know about the most pinned, liked or shared products.

Engage in conversation

Your audience wants to be heard when they approach you with a question or concern. But you can also talk to people just for the sake of interacting with them. Small gestures can go a long way towards building rapport on social channels.

Thank your followers for their messages on the experience they have had with your products or services. Make the customer feel valued and share their endorsement as a social proof for testimonial.

Owning up to mistakes

It is okay to demonstrate human qualities when managing your social media profiles. If your company makes a mistakes, acknowledge it and be transparent to your customers about what you are doing to fix it. Owning up to mistakes shows we are human.

You should aim to immediately respond to a complaint and asking the customer for more information about the issue and look into providing a solution to the problem. This type of gesture calms down the angry customers and builds trust between them and your brand. It helps to demonstrate to customers that you value them and you are listening to what they have to say.

Signature on your posts

Adding a poster’s name to your social media updates is an easy way to put a human face to your brand. The idea is to give your audience a clear picture of the person they are talking to, making the interaction more personal.

This is a new trend in social media marketing and many businesses are already doing it.

Providing solutions

If you understand your audiences pain points, you can more effectively connect with those people on social media. Provide solutions to some of those pain points and your audience will start looking at your brand in a more friendly way.

Have a unique voice

Each person has a way of talking that makes him or her unique. In the same way, brands need to create their own personality on social media. Your tone is important and you can portray by being authoritative and motivating. These attributes can help build your social media persona into something your audience recognises and appreciates.


Social media marketing is all about connecting with your target audience. Some businesses do this effectively and some do not. The reason that some fail is that they talk to their audience in a business like way, rather than connecting on a human level. Build more meaningful relationships on social media and so humanise your brand.


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