Live Tweet an Event to Promote Your Business

Do you want to get more out of the events you attend? Have you thought about live-tweeting them?

Live-tweeting events is a great opportunity to build an audience of targeted followers and increase influence in your industry.

In this blog post, you will discovering six ways live-tweeting can benefit your business.

What is live-tweeting?

Live-tweeting is about sharing what people are saying at an event as it unfolds. It is very different from regular, everyday tweeting. Just like Twitter chats, live-tweeting requires participants to be focused on the event hashtag. So anything you tweet during this time has the potential to get attention and make an impact.

Drive traffic to your site

Live-tweeting events is a great way not only to gain new followers but also to get people to your website. To do this, your Twitter profile needs to resonate with event attendees who are also tracking the event hashtag. Here is how to set up your profile to encourage people to click the link to your website:

Rewrite your Twitter bio to align with the event. Mention what the event is about and include the event hashtag.

Create a landing page for the event with a free download that complements the event. Offer a top ten list of ways smalls businesses benefit from the event. Put the link to the landing page in the website area of your Twitter profile.

Make sure you pin to the top a tweet that provides a link to the free download. Include the hashtag for the event and an eye catching image so the tweet stands out to attendees.

On your website, create a Twitter wall of all tweets generated from the event. You can do this with tools like TweetWall Pro, Twitterfall, LiveTweetApp or Wall of Tweets. Embed the Twitter wall in a page on your site and include a sidebar with relevant information about what your company does and how people can contact you. Then tweet that link to other attendees.

Showcase your services

There are a number of ways you can live-tweet about your services without spamming the event hashtag.

Share information about the event with other attendees.

Generate product hype

Use live-tweeting to generate interest for a contest or make an important announcement during an event. But make sure you are not spamming the event hashtag. If you are a start-up business, you can benefit from live-tweeting at events. You can build interest from people tweeting about your products and services throughout the event.

Attention of the press

Before the event, find out if any journalists or bloggers will be attending. Often, you can get a list of these people from the event organiser. Request this list a few days before the event.

Make sure you note their Twitter handles before the event and keep an eye on their tweets. Create a private Twitter list so you can track their tweets more easily. Be sure to retweet them when it’s relevant.

If you are launching a product or announcing important news at the event, let journalists know that you are available for follow up questions during and after the event. Create a digital press kit with high quality photos and your press release and provide a link to your announcement page.

Then create a Google alert to track whether any articles are written about your company. If you find one, live-tweet a link to the article with the event hashtag. Do not forget to also share the article on other social networks to get the most mileage from the coverage.

Connect with influencers

One way to create relationships with influencers is to live-tweet their speeches. Make sure you have noted the correct Twitter handle for the speaker and then start tweeting important nuggets from the presentation. This provides valuable information not only for people at the event but also for interested people who were not able to attend.

Your tweets also make speakers aware of you and your brand and they may retweet them to their audience. This helps create a connection between you and the speakers. You can even take it a step further and interview speakers to generate rich content for your followers and establish rapport with influencers. Forming meaningful connections with influencers can be a game changing move for your business.

To make a lasting impression, think about why you are connecting with an influencer and what interests that person. If you have interviewed him or her on camera or recorded the audio, share the end product after the event. This then gives that person the opportunity to share it with others.

Established reputation

Depending on the event, you may be able to get transcripts of presentations ahead of time, as they are sometimes included in press kits. If you maintain a blog that is relevant to the event, you may be able to get access to the press kit.

The information in this kit can help you plan tweets that complement the presentation, such as relevant quotes, links to books, videos, movies or even images that you have branded with your company logo. Preparing tweets ahead of time helps you build your reputation with both attendees and non-attendees using the event hashtag.

Visually compelling images can go viral at events, creating branded visual content in advance can capture more attention for your brand. Also create blank-quote Twitter templates with your logo to capture important points from speakers.

Remember that graphics need to meet Twitter’s frame guidelines so you will need more than one person to execute them quickly and effectively at an event.


Live-tweeting is the main vehicle for information at events. So if you go to events prepared with a tweeting strategy, you will likely increase your visibility with your target audience and also make valuable business connections.


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