6 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

How do you interact with your followers and audience on social media?

Are you looking for different ways to add to your social media activities? While it is relatively easy to get people to like and share posts, it takes creativity to drive comments and conversations.

Here are ways to get your audience to talk to you on social media.

Keep asking questions

Asking your fans questions may get some response. But if you really want to inspire engagement, take things up a notch. Ask questions that fans would want to answer and provide multiple-choice answers, illustrated by an interesting graphic and you are likely to get plenty of responses.

Organising contests

Social media contests are very common these days, so it is important to stand out and do something different or unusual for your brand.

Think outside the box when it comes to getting your followers involved in contests. Ask them to follow you, post a picture with your product or service accomplished with the designated hashtag for a chance to win money or a selected prize. Do not create any contest. You want fans to participate, share and discuss on your and their social media profiles.

Q&A sessions

Your customers more than likely have questions for you, whether they are on the company itself or your products and services. Establish a forum where they can be heard. Host Google hangouts and Twitter chats or even create a simple Facebook post that asks your audience what they want to know about your company or product. You can interview experts related to your industry in that type scenario as well.

No matter what your business, there are things your audience wants to know. Give them an opportunity to ask and as a result, there will be plenty of social media engagement.

Tag people in curated content

There are a couple of ways to curate content that will lead to more engagement. First, whenever you share someone else’s content, remember to tag the original publisher. This is the easiest way to attract the eyeballs of the original content creators. In the most likely scenario, they will post a comment thanking you for the share.

Another method is to write curated articles. Choose a topic and reference multiple articles, along with their authors and links. Then, tag everyone mentioned in the post when you post socially.

Encourage user-generated content

User-generated content is an excellent way to get your fans talking on your page. It is the most convenient, yet trickiest, way to get engagement. If you do not draft the blueprint carefully, it might go unnoticed. When your fans contribute to the content on your page, they are likely to engage and get their friends to join in. Have a look at large brands who entice their followers to create content.

Post about current events

Being topical always brings fresh traffic to your page, whether it is centred on a holiday, event or live show. Share posts and updates about Christmas, Easter, Diwali, Eid, Halloween and other popular events throughout the year. When you create content that relates to current events that people are already talking about, it really helps to engage your fans.


There is lots you can do to inspire conversation on your social media pages. You just need to get creative and come up with unique posts that will engage your fans and get them talking.


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