10 Social Media Management Mistakes to Avoid

If you are in the world of social media then you would know it is an ever changing environment which seems to have its own pace. Having to adapt to these changes comes at a complicated landscape of strategies, tools and guidelines to follow which are each as dependant on the latest social media changes. However, there are some things that remain the same, which include the following that you would need to avoid at all costs, the social media mistakes.

1. Targeting every platforms.

There are number of social media platforms to be on and the list continues to grow. Each platform has its own array of features. From the engaging photo based format of Instagram to the short, sharp and sweet interactivity of Twitter. So does it make sense to target every platform? No.

You would not put out your advertisement on every print or paper would you? And why not? Because each of these have audiences of drastically varying demographics. So research who really caters to your target market and do not waste your time with unnecessary and unhelpful platforms.

2. Target of security flaws

Being anything but super careful when it comes to your social media security can lead to unprecedented brand damage, being targeted and hacked, be it by pranksters or competitors, can lead to unauthorised updates that shock, offend and induce an influx of unfollows.

So follow good practice with your password and make sure you use all of the security features that each platform offers.

3. Copy cat

Copying content is not only bad for your search engine ranking but it could also be bad for your follower numbers. Un-originality is then a sure fire way to presenting yourself as, at best, un-imaginative and at worst, open to claims of plagiarism, not so great for your brand image. It does not help when you get an image from Shutterstock and raise the customer’s expectation of purchasing what they saw and then not being able to get what they want.

4. Using social media tools

An essential element to any social media strategy is the right choice and correct use of social media management tools. These include well known web apps such as Hootsuite, Bitly, Radian and so on. Each of these apps boasts various features which include a mixture of audience, strategy and engagement analysis, auto posting cross platforms, click tracking and even functions that will post at the optimal time.

Social media success is hard work so take every helping hand that you can get and be sure to research the tools listed above to find the one that will be most beneficial to the platforms that you use and the approaches that you adopt to social media marketing.

5. Stay off being controversial topics

Things that should not be discussed at a dinner party such as religion, politics and relationships should not be posted on social media. Sure, you should be personable but getting personal with opinions and details of your private life should be avoided at all costs.

6. Buying followers

Buying Likes, Fans and Followers not only looks obvious but can actually see your social media accounts closed down altogether. Facebook and Twitter are getting increasingly savvy in the way they deal with such behaviour so do not risk it.

7. Forgetting to track your performance

Forgetting to track success is perfect if you want to repeat time sapping tasks that reap no results, and if you love missing the things that do drive traffic to your website and turn followers into customers then all the better. If not however you need to keep a detailed record of all your social media tasks and couple this with analytics software, such as Google Analytics or a specific social media management tool.

8. Posting too often or not

It may feel impossible to know the perfect amount to update your social media feeds and even more so deciding how often. There is no correct amount to state whether you need to have 20 tweets, 2 posts on Facebook or an update every day on Instagram. It all depends on how active your followers are and what content interests them.

9. Not moving your audience beyond social media

To turn followers into customers you need to provide a reason for your audience to move from social media platform, over to your website, this can be achieved by producing fresh content that is useful to your target market and posting it to your blog. Of course, blogging also serves numerous other purposes to boot, such as demonstrating your expert knowledge and building rapport over a set period of time.

10. Not learning from competitors

Tracking your competition is not cheating, it is a sensible and indeed often essential task to keep ahead in business. So check back to your competitor’s social media accounts often and draw inspiration from their activity.


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