I was invited to attend the Next Blogger Network Event at The Soho Hotel in London. This was the first blogger networking event I was attending where I was looking forward to meeting other bloggers who I had read about previously.

At first, I was nervous and excited at the same time to be invited but I was eager to meet bloggers who have done so well and get to know them in person. Even more so, it was also a chance to meet some of the best bloggers in the industry who would be speaking about their journey about blogging. The speakers were Sammie from Beauty Crush, Danielle Peazer from Idle Lane, Jen Stanbrook from Love Chic Living and Rosie Fortescue from At Fashion Forte.

So on Tuesday, I was up early to head up to London. At this point, it was sinking in that I was actually going to get the chance to interact with individuals who I had many questions to ask about blogging and what inspires them to create content. When I arrived, it was Akash from A Savvy Gent who I met, where we started to talk about what made us start our blog’s and what we have been up to. It was important for me to get another guy’s view on writing about fashion and lifestyle which has given me food for thought when it comes to my own content. As a newcomer in terms of writing about fashion, it’s something I needed more tips on.


Another person who I had heard of was Craig who’s blog is That Dapper Chap. I love the name of his blog and he is definitely has an amazing sense of fashion and looking sharp. Again, it was a pleasure to meet Craig who shared his experiences of doing photoshoots and being able to balance family life and work alongside his blog. Here’s a dapper pose of us!


This is what the bloggers had to say about their top tips:

Danielle’s tips on growing your blog:


If you are not yourself, then no one will read what you write. Be comfortable in what you want to write and talk about.

Jen Stanbrook’s tips on Pinterest:


I must remember Pinterest is a search engine to find what you want to search for and to pin regularly. Another note is to not use hashtags.

Sammie tips on YouTube:


There’s nothing much more than to follow these steps to succeed on YouTube. Make sure you know what is current whether it is Q&A, how-to’s or #GRWM videos. These videos are the one’s subscribers engage and interact with more.

Rosie’s tips on blogging:


I’ve always been a fan of sneak peeks on social media as it draws me into seeing what is happening. I don’t have much patience to see what is next when it comes to teasers so it is worthwhile to share sneak peeks of products. But I have found my style of blogging to suit what people have asked me in the past.

7 IMG_2149

Throughout the day, I spoke to bloggers from beauty, interior and home, fashion, travel and lifestyle. I had met other bloggers who I have followed on Twitter and Instagram, sorry if I haven’t mentioned you in this post but followers, be sure to check them out as they have all given me confidence and motivation to continue to blog. The day got better when there were winners of the first Next Blogger Network Award’s. To top this off, it was celebrated by a few cocktails and a Next Blogger Network goodie bag! Overall, I was glad I had attended the event and I will be looking forward to meeting and staying in touch with the bloggers I got the chance to chat with.


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