App: First Time User

You are at the café, ordered your hot drink at the counter when the cashier tells you the total and you suddenly realise when you rustle your pockets for change and you have left your money and wallet at home even though you have left the house with essentials that were on the table. You suddenly think holding your smartphone in your hands, I wish I could pay through my phone and not look stupid holding the queue behind with fellow aggravated customers.

Well, fear not, there is a smartphone app by which allows you to make a payment through the scan-to-pay app in most hospitality venues from bars, restaurants and diners and many more businesses adding to the mix. Now that I’ve got your attention, you must be asking, how does it all work?

You download the app available on the Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Phone. It is free to download. Once downloaded, the registration is quick and easy. You just need to add in the details of your debit or credit card which are securely encrypted and stored on your phone and then you are ready to go.

Within the app, the main features are Scan & Pay, Get free vouchers and discounts, Browse restaurants and Your inbox. On the top right, you have a menu tab, where you can see My Account and Settings where you can add more personal details, set your notifications and check out your History of payments.


So on Friday, I wanted to treat myself for lunch and browsed through the restaurants where I would be able to experience using the app for the first time so I went to a place called Whipee Gelato. They do desserts from waffles, crepes, sundaes, coffee, milkshakes and more.

The process was very quick and efficient:

  • Place your order.
  • Receive a Zapper QR code on the receipt.
  • Open app and go to Scan & Pay.
  • Follow instructions on screen of “hold code anywhere on screen to focus”, “Move phone until code is in focus” and “Do not hold device too close to code”.
  • Then you will be required to confirm payment and immediately you will receive a PDF of payment confirmation by email.



Within this process, you can rate the service of the restaurant, I wasn’t able to get the other things you could rate. Even more so, if you were happy with your experience of the restaurant, you are able to tip for the service. I enjoyed the experience of using the app to make payment using my smartphone, as technology is evolving and more things are done via smartphone, the convenience of this app makes it stress free of carrying a wallet or cash on you. Overall, I was pleased with using the app as you do not require to do the steps of chip and pin and if you do leave your debit or credit card at home, you wouldn’t be able to do contactless either. you are bound to leave your house with your smartphone and I for one cannot live without it. However, just to be aware, it is best to check which places have Zapper available and it looks like more places are starting to have it widely available.

From a customer’s point of view, I didn’t have to exchange cash as it was done by smartphone and I had more control into paying for what I wanted by unlocking my phone and selecting the app which didn’t take long. Obviously, there is competition for this app as Apple Pay is out there and since the announcement of this service, mobile payment apps are gaining more attention which I can see as a huge benefit for app as it is has other options available to do more than paying for something.

There is a campaign launching tomorrow for Christmas called #ZappyXmas which you can get involved in by following Zapper UK on Facebook for more details and where you can win in the 24 day prize giveaway. So be sure to get involved, you got to be in it to win it!


You can follow Zapper UK on Twitter: @Zapper_UK and Instagram: Zapper_UK.

I will be using the app more and keeping you in the known about where the Zapper service is available and sharing my experience with you all.


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