It’s the time to be jolly with #ZappyXmas

Christmas is less than three weeks away and I hope you all are in a very festive and cheery mood. Especially as it is the time to be around friends and family and appreciating the good times.


To celebrate are giving away prizes each day for 24 days until Christmas which I mentioned in my previous blog post App: First Time User. Already six days into the competition, there has been winner’s each day. Are you wondering how you can get involved, if you haven’t done so yet?

Here is what you need to do to be in the chance to win:

  1. Securely make a payment through the smartphone with Zapper.
  2. Go on to Zapper UK on Facebook wall and tag #ZappyXmas.
  3. Check daily on the Zapper UK Facebook page for announcements and updates if you have won.

It is as simple as that as long as you have downloaded the app which is available on the Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Phone. The prizes that has been won by users are a £50 Zapper voucher, a pair of Smart Gloves and a Hamley’s Drone & Camera. Currently, there is a timely gift up for grabs which is an Apple iWatch so who knows what you could win!

As mentioned previously, I would be writing where I use the mobile payment app and I used it at Oi Potato. It was very easy to use I had to scan the Zapper QR code and enter the amount the total of the order came to. They did not have the printed receipt with the Zapper QR code like Whipee Gelato did.




When I made the payment and confirmed it, I took note of the rating options as I couldn’t capture it before as it happened so fast. So here are the options you can rate out of 5 stars (left to right = 1-5):





Also, you can add a comment or review about the particular restaurant. If you are in a rush, you may not want to leave a comment or review. However, I hope to see the feature be added to leave a comment or review when you get the chance to write one as it would benefit the hospitality venue and the customer to read what others have had to say about their experience.

Make sure you get involved with the giveaway, you never know you could be a lucky winner.

Follow Zapper UK on Twitter: @Zapper_UK and Instagram: Zapper_UK.

Be sure to check out more places where I have been too.


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