Clarkson, Hammond and May LIVE!

Two weekend’s ago, I headed over to the 02 in London to see what would be formerly known as Top Gear Live until the bust up happened with Jeremy and a producer.

This was a gift from my sister to me and my Dad. All three of us went to Clarkson, Hammond and May Live thinking what they will have on show seeing as they have made the transition from the Beeb to Amazon. I wondered if there was going to be many Beeb gags and seeing old middle aged men being boys with car doing doughnuts and wheel spins in the arena. Knowing how big the O2 is previously attending concerts, would they be able to do dangerous stunts and how many?


Well, thanks to some of the photos I managed to take as we sat on Row D and right on the side lines from the action. So here are the photos:

Hammond and May arrived on motorbikes.


You knew Jeremy would make an entrance in style, the hovercraft.


Got any spare home appliances for electrical cars of the future?



Hammond and Clarkson discussing what to do with May.


Hammond with a biker inside a ball and there was once four bikers in there at the same time which I took a video of.


The trio.


Some of the supercars on display. One day, this could be my garage. Wishful thinking over here.

IMG_2487 IMG_2488

Olympian track and field athlete who specialises in the heptathlon Louise Hazel, ran against the Nissan GT-R which May drove to prove the acceleration being the quickest.


Nothing beats a car game of football. As you would know, these men would only want to be England and guess who the opponents were? Yes, you know the answer. Argentina! There was plenty of dents on these small cars and the final score was 6-5 to England!

IMG_2530 IMG_2550

The live show was full of entertainment including fire, led lights on cars and spectacular displays of highly skilled professionals in drifting. Obviously, there was a dig at Chris Evans and the Top Gear show and these guys moving on to bigger things with Amazon. They announced filming was taking place currently for the show to be aired by May 2016 and there were sneak peaks of the show too. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and cannot wait for the show to begin on Amazon.

If you want to see more photos of the show, follow my Instagram: KishanU14.




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