Reasons to Love Twitter for Business

I have been an avid user of social networks especially using Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for years. But there is one platform which I appreciate every day, Twitter.

The platform is a great way to communicate in short messages and participating in trending topics to get breaking news and information on the go. In addition to the time spent on the platform, it can provide a great tool for businesses to grow and gain vital exposure.

Here are some of things to love about Twitter:

Constant information

Twitter is a gateway to a massive amount of information. Opinions, news, videos, photos and more are readily available from millions of people and organisations around the world. The information is endless. I mainly use Twitter to read news and stay updated about the world.

Although Twitter is home to a never-ending stream of content, it does not have to be overwhelming. In fact it can be quite digestible. The platform is easy to navigate and search for hashtags, trending topics, handles or newsfeed.

Real-time updates

Twitter showcases the most recent and relevant events as they happen. It is a real-time as social media gets. As situations unfold, users can see the thoughts and feelings of individuals at that moment. For example, when there are football matches, reality TV shows, weather issues and more, you can see pictures, first-hand information about the events and conditions and learn what is happening at the scene.

You can also monitor hashtags for industry conferences and events, campaigns and product launches or stay current on relevant topics to posts about and discuss with followers. On the internet, relevancy is everything and Twitter empowers entrepreneurs with real-time updates to stay in the know.

Access to people

Twitter is a great platform to communicate with people who are hard to reach out to. Celebrities, artists, leaders and other prominent figures are active on Twitter and many of them engage with their followers on a regular basis. I have in the past been in conversation and contact with sports personalities, music artists and actors so for me, it was a fantastic way to interact with them rather than sending an email across.

Contacting mentors or role models for advice, asking founders for their opinions on industry news and events and getting influencers to share product information and reviews are now possible with Twitter.


Twitter like other social networks, opens the door for new connections. But Twitter is more open than Facebook and LinkedIn, making it easier to find new people and build relationships with them.

Business people can find new clients, colleagues, mentors or their next superstar employee. Use Twitter as a talent source and you never know who you could find. However small, relationships started on Twitter can impact your business and its growth.


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