Vietnam: Ha Long Bay

When I had decided to go to Vietnam for a holiday, one of the places I was looking forward to visiting was: Ha Long Bay. By seeing amazing photos of the emerald waters and limestone islands which look like a scene from the Avatar movie, I knew I would enjoy the landscape.

In the tour, it included travelling and staying overnight on a junk boat to view the spectacular rainforest looking islands. Also, brunch, dinner and lunch was provided by the dedicated crew members who kept the junk boat in tact like a 4 star hotel – without Wi-Fi and TV though.

You might be thinking, staying on a junk boat and being isolated in the middle of the waters, there wouldn’t be much to do. You’re wrong.  As much as you can admire the breath-taking islands surrounding you and catch up on some sun on the sun beds on the top deck, there are activities you can do such as kayaking, scuba diving, rock climbing and hiking.

I decided to do kayaking, where we got up close to the islands and manoeuvre around other boats and giving your arms a good old work out. I’ve got some videos of the waters where I’ll be uploading on my Instagram: KishanU14. We moved towards an area where we had to go through a tunnel and escape to a place where it was calm and tranquil. As we got closer to the other kayaker’s, we saw a group of monkey’s playing around (they were too quick to get a snap of).

In the late afternoon, the next stop on the island was to go to Ti Top island, where you could play in the sand, go for a swim or trek up to the viewpoint to see an overview of the rest of the islands. Note: the peak of this island would be an ideal place to pop the question if you want to be romantic.

The following day, early in the morning, we went to the Thien Cung Cave, known for it’s surprise, the Morning Glory (I’ll leave that to your imagination to think about).

The best part of Ha Long Bay was, not being connected to the digital world. It was about connecting with mother nature in it’s finest form and enjoying the moments to catch up on yourself. This experience allowed me to contemplate about things in life including people and ambitions (I think a blog post could be in the writing for this). Not a reality check but a realisation of putting your own needs first. Take time out to motivate and recharge.

Next up in Vietnam, it’s Hue, where I visit the Forbidden city and getting caught in the rain.


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