About Me

Hello All!

I am a guy in my twenties exploring many avenues in a world full of wonderful experiences.

As you may see from my social media posts and my blog, I share interests in football, food, music, movies and travelling. These things keep me grounded and entertained as well as being a Sunday chef, trying new recipes and making my favourite food. I am a Manchester United supporter and you may see me live tweeting when the games are on.

I am proud owner of the KRU Accessories which I sell men’s and women’s fashion accessories, so go ahead and check out the Instagram page.

You may think why do I use this space to share my opinions? I like to put my thoughts on situations that I feel I need to talk about even if it may sound like I am venting. Everyone is entitled to opinions and thoughts and using this blog has allowed me to interact with so many of you.

My blog posts are my views and I hope you enjoy reading them. I am using this blog to share ideas and strategies about social media and writing previews for Man United. May be in the future, I could add new ideas for posts on where I have travelled to or place I have visited.

I have gained a diploma in Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management by achieving a distinction. So I am extremely proud of this and I am working towards a career in Social Media.

I studied Media Studies at De Montfort University and have got the academic knowledge of public relations, advertising, media and digital media. I have had a keen interest in studying media studies since I was at school in my GCSE’s as well as at A Level. So naturally, I am aware of what occurs on TV, radio, print publications and social media as I love to read the news to keep me updates about things happening around me.

I have always thought to never stop learning and each day, there is new information to soak in. I like to learn but the thought of studying makes it harder for me to process. Well, who likes studying anyways?

If you are on other social media platforms, please follow me on the following social networks:

Twitter; @kishanu14

LinkedIn; Kishan Umrania

Check out my photo’s on Instagram:
@kishanu14 or instagram.com/kishanu14


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